Big Bud

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Looking for a strain with impressive yields and a sedative, total-body high? Look no further than Big Bud Feminized.

15 - 20%
Seed type
Feminized Seeds
85% Indica
Flowering time
7 - 9 Weeks

With its robust, skunky genetics and comparatively short flowering time, this feminized strain is perfect for those looking for quick results.

Big Bud is known for its massive buds covered in sticky resin, producing formidable yields of up to 1200 grams per plant when grown outdoors. Its pleasant aroma and taste of sweet, fruity molasses make it a favorite among growers and users alike. So why not give Big Bud Feminized a try and see why it’s a Cannabis Cup winner.

What you might experience

Feminized Seeds

These resin-coated buds produce formidable yields, which is the strain’s main selling point.

85% Indica

It’s an 85% indica-dominant strain, and the indica genetics are particularly evident in the sedative, total-body high.

7 - 9 Weeks

Flowering time indoor and outdoor goes up to 7 – 9 weeks.


When grown inside, users can anticipate around 600 grams per square metre. Outdoors, growers are likely to enjoy an even bigger harvest, of around 1200 grams per plant.