Barn cleaner package for perfectly clean systems + FREE spray


Introducing the ultimate cleaning kit for all your grow system needs – the Grow Gunk Busters! Say goodbye to dirt, grime, and harmful germs with this powerful trio of cleaners: Stoner Scrubber, Sticky Be-gone, and Germ Genie. Stoner Scrubber is the perfect solution for tackling tough resin and grime buildup on your hydroponic system’s stones. With its powerful formula, it breaks down and removes even the most stubborn of residues, leaving your system looking brand new. Sticky Be-Gone is an all-purpose cleaner designed to tackle the stickiest of situations. From sticky plant sap to stubborn adhesives, Sticky Be-gone makes it easy to remove any unwanted residue from your grow system. Germ Genie is the ultimate germ-killing solution, perfect for disinfecting your grow system and preventing the spread of harmful bacteria, fungus, and other diseases. With Germ Genie, you can rest easy knowing your plants are safe and healthy. The Grow Gunk Busters pack is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to maintain a clean and healthy grow system. With these three powerful cleaners, you can say goodbye to dirt, grime, and harmful germs, and hello to thriving plants! So why wait? Order your Grow Gunk Busters pack today and start cleaning like a pro!


Germ Geni – Bendesol, Sticky Be-Gone, Stoner Scrubber