Village Angels CBD Auto

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Village Angels is a sativa dominant strain with high CBD content and low low THC content, making it suitable for both medical and recreational use.

10 - 16%
Seed type
CBD Seeds
Flowering time
9 Weeks

It has a pungent and spicy aroma with notes of diesel, citrus, pine, blueberry, and spice. The strain grows vigorously during the vegetative phase and can stretch considerably during the flowering phase.

CBD Village Angel is known for its large buds and high yield potential. It grows well with both SCROG and SOG cultivation methods and is suitable for a variety of growing techniques.

The effects of CBD Village Angel include a calming and anti-stress physical high, without the psychoactive effects of THC. Some users report a sense of creativity and focus after using this strain, while others indicate that it helps to reduce pain and improve sleep.

What you might experience

CBD Seeds

It’s the ideal strain if you want to try something tasty, but don’t want to get stoned.


CBD Village Angels is a sativa dominant CBD variety (averaging around 10% to 16% CBD) with a very low low THC content, always below 1%.

9 Weeks

Flowering time indoor and outdoor goes up to 9 weeks.


CBD Village Angel is a high yielding plant. Her XL mark indicates she has the potential to provide a large yield.