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Looking for a highly productive and easy-to-grow strain that delivers an impressive THC level close to 20%? Look no further than Critical Auto!

Seed type
Autoflowering Seeds
60% Indica
Flowering time
10 Weeks
350 - 550g

This resilient Indica-dominant plant produces dense, citrus-pine buds with an incredible yield of up to 600gr/m2, making it perfect for commercial growers and hash makers alike. Despite its Indica dominance, it’s perfect for social scenarios and creativity.

With a height range of 90-140cm, this strain is ideal for outdoor growth and thrives in a Mediterranean climate. Remember to support the weight of the buds with bamboo canes or trellises. Enjoy a delicious blend of lemon, citrus, pine, and floral flavors with every toke of this amazing strain!

What you might experience

Autoflowering Seeds

A very unique taste that old school and new school growers will love.

60% Indica

Despite her Indica dominance, original Auto Critical is perfect for social scenarios and provoking creativity.

10 Weeks

Flowering time indoor and outdoor goes up to 10 weeks.

350 - 550g

Critical Auto is perfect for beginner growers and those who want abundant harvests of monster-sized yields in a short time.