Wedding Cheesecake

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Looking for a balanced hybrid with a quick harvest time? Wedding Cheesecake is the strain for you!

Seed type
Autoflowering Seeds
65% Sativa
Flowering time
9 - 10 Weeks
450 - 600g

With a medium height and high productivity, this strain is perfect for beginner growers and those with shorter summers. Enjoy flavors of vanilla cookie dough, earthy, and creamy with sweet fruit tart overtones. Buds are large and chunky, covered in trichomes and sparkling with hues of green, magenta, and purple.

Expect a medium-tall plant with heavy-yielding side branches and a quick harvest time of 63 days. This strain is also a fantastic resin producer and responds well to being tied down, making it a great choice for Sea of Green setups. Don’t forget to flush thoroughly to enhance the fantastic flavor!

What you might experience

Autoflowering Seeds

A solid hybrid with strong resistance to colder weather and excellent performer both indoors and out.

65% Sativa

Expect phenomenal flavors that are a combination of vanilla cookie dough, earthy, and creamy, all together with sweet aromatic overtones of a baked fruit tart.

9 - 10 Weeks

Flowering time indoor and outdoor goes up to 9 – 10 weeks.

450 - 600g

Her buds are chunky, large-sized, and covered in trichomes. The buds will sparkle with an array of colors ranging from bright green, lime hues, and hints of magenta and purples.