Bruce Banner

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Looking for a highly productive strain with a fierce trichome production and a whopping 25% THC? Look no further than Bruce Banner Auto!

Seed type
Autoflowering Seeds
65% Sativa
Flowering time
10 - 11 Weeks
450 - 600g

This beautiful hybrid boasts a slight Sativa dominance, and grows tall and bushy, developing multiple flowering sites that produce bright green buds with a terpene blend of sweet berries and diesel. With an impressive resin production, the buds are almost completely white and leave a delicious taste coating your mouth after every hit.

Be sure to give this strain enough space to grow, and tie down the branches or grow under a Scrog net to ensure light reaches all the flowering sites and avoid mold. When it’s time for trimming, be sure to have your trim bin ready, as all the sugar leaves and even some of the bigger leaves will be covered by a thick layer of resin that makes for strong and super tasty extractions.

What you might experience

Autoflowering Seeds

Overall, Bruce Banner Auto is an amazing strain that will leave you in a motivated, calm, and stress-free vibe for hours and hours.

65% Sativa

This strain offers a strong and well-defined fruity aroma that comes along with an extreme sweetness and earthiness.

10 - 11 Weeks

Flowering time indoor and outdoor goes up to 10 – 11 weeks.

450 - 600g

Expect almost light-green stacked flowers and chunky calyxes with dark brown hairs all over displaying a few lime-green leaves coming out from them. This strain stands out for the impressive resin production that creates a layer so thick, that it leaves the buds looking like they’re completely white.