Incredible Barn

30,00 210,00 

Introducing the Incredible Barn, a plant bred to be a heavyweight performer that is almost impossible to hurt.

20 - 24%
Seed type
Feminized Seeds
80% Indica
Flowering time
9 - 10 Weeks
600 - 1000g

With boxing-glove sized buds and a massive yield potential of up to 1000g/m2 indoors, this strain is an absolute classic in the making. However, beware that it needs to be switched to flower before it reaches 2 feet tall, or it will take over your grow space.

The Incredible Barn can adapt to practically any environment and loves hydroponics with CO2 enhancement.

What you might experience

Feminized Seeds

A guaranteed massive yield with buds literally dripping in crystals so wet that the weight remains after trimming.

80% Indica

Indicas are commonly known as nighttime strains, used for relaxing and unwinding at the end of the night.

9 - 10 Weeks

It’s easy to grow and has a very high yield. Her large long buds provide an XXL yield with an average flowering time of 10 weeks.

600 - 1000g

The yield is probably the most significant characteristic from the Incredible Barn as she can yield up to 1000g/m2 indoors. Heights will be an issue. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! But she loves hydro & can suck up the CO2 like a boss.